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Medical Weight Loss Clinic and Medical Spa serving the Bradenton and Sarasota Area.


Prevention and treatment of age related dysfunction, disorders and disease. Hormone replacement.



MD Anti-Aging & Weight Loss

Lack of Energy, Depression, Increased Body Fat, Reduced Sex Drive...

Could it be Low T?

Medical Weight Loss Program focused on sustaining muscle while decreasing body fat.

Not a low calorie diet!

Welcome ,

We are proud to offer a physician owned and operated medical weight loss clinic servicing the Bradenton and Sarasota areas with proven success based on your body composition. Our program is expertly designed and will give you the tools and direction you need to reach your goal weight and transition to a healthier way of living. Unlike most  weight loss clinics our Physician does not support an extreme low calorie diet plan to lose weight.  With our In Body Composition we are able to determine a weight loss program that fits every individual.  Dr. Mathew also understands the struggles of hormone imbalance as well as low testosterone to be contributing factors to weight gain and the inability to lose those extra pounds.  You are guaranteed to have a complete medical experience!

-Whether suffering from weight difficulties, low testosterone or hormone imbalances our caring staff is here to help. 

-Our medical professionals also specialize in Anti-Aging techniques that will combat the problems associated with the aging process. 

-We invite you to take some time to learn more by navigating through our website and to schedule your initial consultation so you can be on your way to a look great, feel great lifestyle!